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Sunday, October 21, 2012

5 Private Island Technology Conglomerate

The millionaires in the field of technology is easy to purchase favorite items. From luxury cars to private aircraft, they could buy with the money are abundant. Even the island was able to purchase them. Yes, some of the bosses in the world of technology there also has a private island. Of course, the price is exorbitant and unaffordable pockets of ordinary people. Here are some tech millionaires who are known to have a private island, as quoted from the Huffington Post 1. Larry Ellison - Lanai Island Not long ago, Oracle CEO and founder Larry Ellison 'acquire' an exotic island in Hawaii. Lanai, thus its name, is the sixth largest island in the territory of Hawaii. With prices in the range of USD 500 million, the island is also included in the world's most expensive berbanderol island. Indeed, Ellison is the sixth richest person with an estimated wealth universal USD 36.5 billion, so he was able to buy it. Lanai Ellison bought from another tycoon named David Murdock. Measuring 141 square mile island that is home to around 3,000 people and included a tour with adequate facilities. Tourists can stay at the Four Seasons the tourist resorts there. Also there is a golf course and other luxury inn. Ellison has a 98% ownership in Lanai, while the rest is owned by the local government. Local residents also requested that Ellison did not treat the island as they please, even as his. For example, with no damage to historic buildings in Lanai. 2. Richard Branson - Necker Island Richard Branson is a British conglomerate that has businesses menggurita. One of them in the field of technology with proprietary operator Virgin Mobile, which operates in the UK. He also made the tech space tourist plane. Branson the amount of his wealth was estimated at USD 4.2 billion purchase of Necker Island is only worth 180 thousand pounds in 1978. Now, the value of the island located in the British Virgin Islands was estimated at USD 100 million. Dressed Branson Necker Island into a luxury tourist, with Balinese-style houses. This island can accommodate 28 people. Rooms are rented USD 35 thousand per week. While rents across the island to reach USD 50 thousand per day. Some celebrities have rented the island. Including Google boss, Larr Page who hired him in 2007 as a wedding venue with his wife, Lucy Southworth. 3. Paul Allen - Allan Island With Bill Gates, Paul Allen co-founded Microsoft meritorious. Paul also had a personal tour guide in the form of Allan islands located in the Pacific Ocean. Allen purchased the island in 1992. But this time, he plans to sell it for $ 13, 5 million. Indeed, a remote area makes the island was abandoned. Until recently, there were few facilities developed there. In fact there is no electricity network. Allen originally wanted to use it as a residence. But then, he thought better of it. 4. Craig McCaw - James Island Craig McCaw is a billionaire who do business in the field of telecom operators in the United States. He built McCaw Cellular which is now a part of AT & T Mobility. The amount of approximately $ 1.65 billion fortune. Craig bought the island James Island in Canada valued at USD 19 million in 1994. Now, the island already faces made with complete facility is valued at approximately USD 75.1 million. Craig construct various facilities there, including a large house, cottage, golf course and swimming pool. Electricity grid is also available. Some famous people known to have been vacationing in the island. Including Microsoft founder Bill Gates. 5. Bill Gates - Grand Bogue Caye Bill Gates has repeatedly been named as the richest man in the world. It's easy for him to buy the island for personal enjoyment or as a place to vacation with family. The founder of Microsoft was reportedly purchased the island called Grand Bogue Caye located in Belize. The price is said to approximately USD 56 million, is fairly small compared to the amount of wealth that is currently in the range of USD 61 billion. Reportedly, Gates island dressing in such a way to be more attractive as a tourist. For example, by providing adequate fishing and water sports facilities.